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Monday, December 05, 2005

Who Stays in My Room?

One of my best friends finished schooling here and went back to her home country a few days ago.

It is sad but not too bad any more because this is not the first time that I loose someone close. I just remember good memories with her, like breakfast that I always ate with her and the nights that I studied with her.

As an international student, I often get to know people from outside of the U.S. as well. It might sound good that I have many friends over the world, but at the same time that means that I cannot meet them easily after we go home.

I have said good-bye to many people who I liked, and who liked me as well. And it is just sad and hurts because when some one leaves you, you loose a part of yourself, where the person used to dominate. The part you lost is calling the person.

We meet many people in our life, and all of them must leave eventually.

There is a room which have two doors. When we get to know someone, he or she comes in our room though one of the doors. We have good time together in the room, but when the time comes, they have to leave though the other door. They never can come into again after they left from the door of farewell.

I hope some one stays in my room. I don't know, but maybe I am being too reluctant to keep friends.

But forgive me now. I don't want to hurt myself by loving someone too much and leaving the person.


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    but thats just me dude

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