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Thursday, December 08, 2005

What I found out from reading blogs that I have posted since September.

The first thing is that my English. I improved my English skill in (or outside of) this blogging, and I was upset when I read the posts that I wrote for 3 months. I do not want to read them actually. They sound so childrish and even I don't understand what the author wants to say....

This blogg also helped me understand myself a lot. I posted my concerns when I was in trouble. Although I did not specify what my problems were(since this is blogging), I certainly got to know why I was concerned and could develop my thoughts. This blog did help me out of the spiral of concerns.

Finally, I got to know some people online when I was in trouble and posting my concerns. They were always kind to me and helped me realize how to solve the problems that I had. I thought this blog world was a strange, wierd and mean world, where I could not express myself, but it was not true. I can talk about myself in this world.

This is why I appreciate that I had an oppotunity to start blogging in this class.


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