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Monday, November 14, 2005

Racial discrimination

Riots have been prevailed in France since last October. Those who riot are the young immigrants or their descendants who have been suffered from unemployment. The unemployment rate of the young, aged from 15 to 25 in France is 23%, which means one of four young people are unemployed. That's a lot.

I was thinking about my French friends. As an international student, I am rather get to know students from outside of the U.S. than American students.

I talked to her online a week ago. I met this French girl here; she used to go to Keene State. I remember that when we were talking, she said she was having a hard time getting a job in France. I did not think why so at that time, but maybe that is because her parents are immigrants.

My role model now is also a French guy. He is so cool. I met him in Berkeley, California. He calls Samuel Huntington a racist. He loves art and always talks about it when he drinks. He is 27 years old.

I remember he said he also had a hard time getting a job in France because he is a descendant of immigrants. He said some company's personnel people saw his race and said no.

Now I feel the riots In France closer to me because I have these friends there. It is unworthy thing that a person is judged by their race, sex, color of skin, opinions, characters and nationality. And I hope things get better there.

p.s. Here I predict that in 20 years, racial problems will be a problem in Japan.

My future view is this;
1. North Korea collapses, or unification of the North and South succeeds.
2. People in North go South to seek jobs.
3. However, the systems in South Korea of taking them as citizens are not yet ready.
4. A lot of people in Korea escape to Japan.
5. Racial problems between Korean and Japanese occur in Japan.

Japan has to prepare the systems for accepting refugees and immigrants.


  • Do you think Japan's racial problems will be as bad as France's? And what about the US: are race relations here getting better or worse?

    By Blogger Lorianne, at 6:57 AM  

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