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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hey guys! This is who I am! Yey!! Hahaha...

I am writing an essay for transfer to another university. I have to write about myself, and I got stuck. I don't know what to write.

This feeling is the same as when I have to introduce myself.

You might have had experience that you had to stand up and introduce yourself in front of other students in the beginning of semester or whatever. I can't do that. I can not find any legitimacy in introduing myself.

A question that I always have for introducing myself is this; "Do I understand or perceive myself correctly?" The image of myself that I perceive must be distorted in favor of myself, and I can never understand who actually I am.
When I talk about who I am, my subjective perception always comes together, and more I talk about myself, more the explanation gets doubtful. It sounds too good to be true.

So when I introduce myself, I feel weird just like when I am listenning to my voice that I have recorded. The voice does not sound like mine but somebody else's.

Then, back to the essay that I have to write about myself, what am I supposed to write?
"I am a great person who can always think of others. I would like to use my talent to help people..." like this?
or "I am a radical person who can stimulate people in your university, so it is beneficial for your university to have me as a graduate." like this?

HAHA, it's great that I can say anything without the truth. I am not great nor radical at all. I am narrow-minded and shy.

What should I write?.... I don't know, but I have to write this anyway...


  • Ideally, you want to say something that makes you *different* from other people who are also applying: something that makes you unique. A lot of applicants think they have to write an essay that boasts about their good grades, extracurricular activities, etc...but all that information is in your application already, and *lots* of people applying will have good grades, lots of activities, etc.

    So, you want to figure out what makes you *different* from other applicants, and then write an essay explaining how that makes you a valuable addition to the instition: why the college would be *glad* to have you as a student.

    By Blogger Lorianne, at 6:45 AM  

  • Well, thank you for the advice. I really appreciate that.

    What makes me unique... It is another difficult question, but I feel like I can write something for it. It sounds making good sense.

    By Blogger Kaz, at 11:07 AM  

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