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Monday, October 03, 2005

My Mom and Flowers

I gave some flowers to one of my friends, who had her birthday. I gave her lilies. She was so happy, and she hugged and kissed me so many times. Since I am Japanese, and since we don't have this culture of kissing and hugging each other between friends, I got embarrassed a little bit and escaped from her intense gratitude.

In terms of flowers, girls are not too smart.

To tell you the truth, those flowers were not expensive, and I bought them from Shaws, which is next to our college. I don't know why girls love flowers too much. Please give me the answer which you reason by psychological, historical, or whatever evidence. I just concluded that girls are not too smart when it comes to receiving flowers. estimate that girls become excited and simultaneously fool when someone gives flowers to them...

I use this tip for my mom, too.

I don't want to trouble thinking what to give to her every birthday and mothers' day. So I always buy some flowers to her. I don't even write a card. Just give flowers, and it is done. And she is happy. In this situation her satisfaction is what I want, right? hahaha.

Hmmm. I miss my mom a bit now because I though about her. I have not met her for almost a year because I am an international student in the U.S. and my mom is in Japan. I miss my father and younger brother too, but I miss my mom most.

When I went back to Japan last time, I didn't talk to my mom so much because I always went out with my friends. Now I want to talk to her rather than to my friends.
She cooked my favorite food for me 5 times within a month of my stay home. However, I was so bad and ate only 2 times or so because I ate out with my friends all the time. If she should die now, I must think badly that I should have eaten the food she cooked.

I swear now that next time I go back home, I won't miss eating the favorite food every time she cooks. And I talk to her as much as I can.

Yes I am such a momma's boy! Mommy!!! Hahaha.


  • Flowers symbolize that you were thinking of the person you bought them for...It's the thought that counts - not how long it took or how much you spent. It just means the person means something to you because you had the thought to do something nice for them - it doesn't have to be flowers but that is a universally acceppted medium.

    By Blogger Veronica, at 12:34 PM  

  • Flowers are impractical and pretty and delicate. So a man buying flowers is not giving a woman something he really wants for himself, but shows that he is only thinking of her.
    Warning, flowers are considered very, very romantic- hence the kisses.
    I love flowers because they bring life and color into my home, an affordable extravagance, a bit of garden in a city apartment.

    By Blogger zhoen, at 5:55 PM  

  • You are maturing very well. :-) Perhaps you should send your mom some flowers now, just to let her know you miss her. :-)

    We had a foreign student who lived with us before going to college in Virginia. He sent flowers at Father's Day, even though I am not his father -- and the gesture brought tears to my eyes.

    By Blogger aikane, at 9:26 PM  

  • Veronica & zhoenw are right. Women love flowers because they suggest you're thinking of them.

    By Blogger Lorianne, at 9:43 PM  

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