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Sunday, October 30, 2005

China, Korea and Japan

ok, then, now I write what I want to write...

I was thinking about relationship among China, Korea, and Japan. These three countries have had a historically close relationship, and now each of them has nationalism and sometimes hatred against the other.

Namely, Chinese had huge and many demonsstrations against Japan, as well as Korean. Mostly, they claim against Japanese occupation over Korean and Chinese land during its colonial time, problems of comfort women, Nanjing, and the war shrine, which the present prime minister of Japan has been keeping to go as a custom. All in all, these resentments are accumulated, and now Japan is being blamed for not to apology to those countries we suffered during the World War II.

As a Japanese and international relations major, I am interested in this problem.

Our --Chinese, Korean, and Japanese-- good relationship is inevitable for the growth of the east Asian region.

I was researching on why these hatreds emerge after 60 years and where they come from.

This is one of the interpretations of the situation; politicians use these nationalism to lead the mass population to the desired destination.

Chinese and Korean governments, which are not doing well, don't want their populations to critic their government.

On the other hand, Japanese prime minister keeps going to the war shrine, which worships people who actually led the war, because he wants to get votes from his support basis, which are the families of the war dead.

So the purpose of us fighting is all about political benefits.

I don't know if this is true or not, but if we fighting for our politicians and for their positions, we are idiots, aren't we?

I want to be as neutral as I can, and if there is any fault of mine, please point it out. I will think about it.

Love and Peace


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