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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I have been posting about the same thing, evolution of human beings, i.e. people tend to forget things they had in the past, and by abandoning these memories they evolve and make themselves better.
However, I thought if it is true, it was so mean and sad, because it means they don't appreciate the things they had, including people who left you, or died. And I was in a kind of depression because of this "discovery."

However, I found out an idea to break through this disappointing discovery. My answer id that the fact that you live is the most important thing.

As I mentioned above, you evolve by forgetting or leaving things they loved. It may sound sad and irresponsible. However, now, the presence of yourself is the most important thing. Although people forget things, memories or lessons they had shape themselves into a new living which is affected with these lessons and memories. In a way, if you live in a life full of memories, you are more likely to live in a better life because you have got a lot of tips of living from the people or things they had.

So you don't feel sorry to forgetting things you had. Even though you totally forgot a particular memory, you surely have lessons from it within yourself. You just can not recall it. Moreover, although you live in a better way than you used to live with memories before you forgot them, I would say that you still appreciate the memories. Your memories has shaped you to live in a better way.

What is more interesting is that you also pass things to the next person. You give your children what you leaned from your mom. You can give your girlfriend what you have leaned from your best friend. That sort of thing.
And impressively, it occurs without any form of preaching or teaching. If you live, you affect people.

Then, my answer is that;

forgetting something is sad, but you learned something from it. And surely you give it to others. If you live, you learn something and you affect other people. And this chain makes the species of human beings better, and bring them to higher level of sophistication.

I have been in a kind of depression. But I found out this, and now I feel much better. As a matter of fact, I am getting bored with being depressed.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Death and Rebirth

I just noticed that Murakami Haruki, who is a famous Japanese writer, answered to this question of why people die.

In "Norwegian Wood," he said, "People die because we are evolving. Generations alternate because an individual can't endure under the dynamics of evolution."

I like this idea.

The things past give us something even though we forget them. It is not the matter of how we remember things, but it is how we are left.

And I think this idea corresponds with the idea of rebirth, but I can not figure out how to relate these two.

I am writing things and revising them over and over again. This topic is getting complicated and I cannot handle it any further right now.

Although I don't feel right to leave publishing things messed up like this, I will just wait and see what is going to ring a bell in my head. However, I certainly got a key to open this door, which started with depression a week before.

What evolution means to us.

I considered evolution, which brings change to all of the things in the world, and I wrote my idea to this blog. Changing is one of the principles of this universe, and by changing, we can select what suits for the new circumstances. Changing purifies things toward the total sophistication.

In the process of changing, we basically abandon things which are not important, or necessary to the new circumstances. We leave only things that we need.

However, isn't it sad?

One of my friends is always telling me that we human beings forget things anyway. We forget so many things to adjust ourselves to to change, or to live.

Love is a good example of this. When we are in love, we talk about something like "forever love (which I laugh a lot when I hear, anyway)." But when we break up, we have to forget the person who used be in love with and the memories, feelings and love that you had with him or her. Maybe some people don't want to forget. However, as time goes by, you tend to forget the old days, and someday happen to meet someone else who you are going to be in love with.

However, isn't that sad? Maybe forgetting is one of the parts of changing, or evolution, which is a principle of the world, but we are human beings who feel, cry, laugh and grow by things we appreciated.

I don't want to forget the sweet days that I had with my ex-girlfriend. Or I don't want to forget memories with my grandpa who died 6 years ago. I want to remember, or in other words, keep everything that I had in the past with me, and appreciate them.

Evolution is sad. And it comes although we don't want it to.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My paper topic (If you give me advice or suggestions on this, I will appreciate your help a lot!)

If you imagine a picture of a Latin American amigo, how do you find him? Isn’t he smiling? He must be speaking with a big, friendly voice and laughing so loud. As you can see from this picture, we think that Latin American people are inherently happy. I assume that this typical picture of Latin American people is a compliment for them although I don’t want to be offensive to the people from Latin American countries.

Now think about this. How is a picture of us? As I am from Japan, I imagine a picture of busyness, tired and unhappy faces of office workers. And I think this picture can be applied to many people in developed countries.

Why do Latin American people live so happily? And why do we have to live unhappily? This is a question I had when I went to California. I met a lot of Latin American amigos there, and notably, my roommate was a Mexican. We got along well and had a lot of fun together, including talking, having dinner together, and of course, drinking. He was nice. I loved him as a friend, and I am surely going to Mexico to visit him soon.

Then my interest for Latin American cultures sparked. I am interested in not only people there but also the cultures which make these happy people.

I am thinking to research on the field of Latin American music, lives, habits, and language. And from these aspects I would like to guess why people are happy there. Second, I am going to refer to what could define happiness, knowing the cultural differences of Latin America, Japan, and hopefully the U.S. Moreover, knowing what the key to live happily like a Mexican is, I would like to prescribe notes of how to live happily like Latin American people.

Finally, I will mention politics of Latin American countries, and how it affects people. As a political science major, I am interested in this field a lot. To me, it looks like most the politics there is corrupted. However, people seem to live happily under the hardship.

In the future, I want to work as an ambassador, and I am interested in Latin American countries to work for. I hope this paper is going to help me think about my future.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What do you think is the most beautiful thing in the world?

What is the most beautiful thing in the world? There are so many answers, but my answer is the fact that world is changing. The world which possess a potential of change. Since the world has the potential, there is evolution, which allows itself to advance toward the future. If the evolution is done (although it will never be finished), there will be a deeper sophistication than before. And in other words, the world has to change in order to survive.

You can see that potential, which allows things change, in every field of studies. Think about biology, chemistry, history, politics, literature. Nothing can stay at one place. Everything changes.

And the potential is in us, too. We are also changing. What we used to be yesterday is not what we are today. The chemical compounds which organized our thinking now are not the same as the ones we will have tomorrow. We always have potential to change ourselves, including relationship with other people and life. We, who are changing are also beautiful like this world.

Recently I have been in a sort of depression, something that I define is sadness. Sadness of lost of people who were important to me, feelings of being isolated and suspicion of the place where I am, i.e. I don't know if I am at the right place where I should be in this time of my life. (Oh this is so-called a blog-world and I can't tell everything here...)

I want to apply this idea of changing, which I noted before, to my situation right now. I believe that I can change myself because this world is consist of this potential of changing, and that is why this world is so beautiful. If I could change, that would mean that I have done something beautiful, and that may bring to deeper sophistication. I want to fight against this problem.

Ah, nothing is so bad.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My favorite blogs

I like this blog. The pictures there make me peaceful.

I am interested in this blog. As an international student, I am always faced to language. People live with language, and it is so fun if you can talk other peoples' languages and communicate with them.
This person thinks in a cool way..

Monday, September 05, 2005

I Have Never Been to the Moon

I Have Never Been to the Moon.

I saw a movie called Apollo 13. This movie is about astronauts and Houston crews who launched a space ship and tried to reach the moon, after the success of Apollo 13 with Edwin H Armstrong, who landed on the moon as the first human being in 1969.

There are two scenes that I like. One is when he is on the earth, Jim Lovell, who is one of the three astronauts, sees the moon and cover it with his thumb of his right hand, with closing his left eye. When he gets close to the moon, he sees the earth and does the same thing; closes his left eye and cover the earth with his thumb of right hand. Doing so, he compares the moon and the earth.

I always want to go to the moon like him. It is not because I like fancy stuff, but because I want to understand the earth. There is a Japanese proverb which is "if you only see a leaf, you don't understand the tree which the leaf is tagged. If you only see the tree, you don't understand the forest which the tree is in." This basically tells you that you must not focus on only small thing. You have to see the entire thing so that you can understand better not only the whole thing but also a small thing. (By the way, if you want to know this Samurai proverb more, read the comic book named Vagabond by Naohisa Inoue. This is an awesome book even though teachers might hate it because it is a comic. I am sure that there are English editions.)

I want to go to the moon to see the entire earth and understand it. If I see the entire earth from the moon, I might be able to understand what is going on the earth.

There is another story concerning with watching the entire world. This is from a diary of an astronauts, who went to the space. He watched other crews and told that, "on the first day, every one pointed at the country where each of them was from. On the second day, every one pointed at the continent where each of them came from. However, on the third day, every one was silent. They didn't point at anything. They were just watching the earth." He then maintains that every one on the space ship realized they all came from one place, the earth. If we go to the space and watch the earth from there, we can understand the principle, which we all are human beings who live on the same place, within only three days.

There are so many conflicts are going on the earth. People hate each other only because their colors of skin are different, their languages are different, or their home countries are different. Say, Korea and Japan are having hard time to get along. So many demonstration against Japan are going on in Korea, and so many Japanese people look down on Korean people. However, the fact is they are neighbors, who share a lot of common cultures past and present, and to me there is no clue what they are fighting for nor why they hate each other. If I make some answers, maybe, they are fighting for nationalism, which still sounds cheap to me.

I want to go to the moon, watch the earth from there, and bring buck the idea that we human beings are all the same. We live on the same place. There are no points that we fight each other. That is why I have to go to the moon, or I have never been to the moon.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

What would you write (and how would you write) if you knew that real live people would read that writing?

This is a question which my professor questioned us. But I don't know. I can't really answer to this question because this "blog world" is not the same as the real world. Especially, since many people can read this without any constrains, you have to be sensitive to what you write in this world. And I don't know if I can be sensitive to while I express my feelings correctly.

To be honest, I am a person who does not keep my secrets in my mind. I always want to express my feelings or my thoughts to other people. And I just got to know that if I keep something wrong in my mind, I would become ill mentally and eventually, physically. I am not kidding. I am serious. I did happen to me a few months ago.

Oh I must not talk about what happened there... because this is the "blog world."

Thid world sucks. Modern life is rubbish. It's so complecated.

Before I start this blog thing, I have to make a bridge which connects the real world and this blog world, and become a dweller of this modern life...


Welcome to my blog! My name is Kaz. I just started this "blog," and I don't know what to write. Anyway, I will make this page an interesting one.

Nice to meet you!